I’m all for mentorship and I believe we should be pouring into someone without expecting anything in return. However, we have to be conscious of where our value lies. The unique perspective we bring to the table and the things we’ve learned just might be the thing we should offer as our service. A service we can be paid for.

Transformation happens with a transaction. Studies have shown that when we get something for free, whether it’s a t-shirt or advice, we don’t appreciate it in the same way we do when we’ve paid for it. 

Could your testimony and what you learned from your life experiences be your ticket to a speaking tour? Could the insights you learned from failing miserably be what you package into a book? Could your experiences battling depression and tips for how others can keep theirs at bay be what you offer in an online course? What you have is a blueprint for success. That’s worth paying for. 

Your insights, the things you’ve learned on your journey that could work for others could be your business if you learned how to package it.

When you’ve developed a skill for helping others get past their limiting beliefs, you have something worth sharing to an audience. If you can see why the dots aren’t connecting for others who are struggling to figure out life and you can effectively communicate a strategy to help them fix their problem, you’ll have a paying customer in no time. In fact, you’ve probably already been doing this for other people for free because you haven’t recognized the value that you are giving them. You haven’t figured out how to make it your business.

Your experience is valuable, and people pay for value. 

If you think about it, we understand this concept in every other area of our life. You don’t think twice about paying your accountant. She has a skill you don’t have, so you call her when you need to get your money right. And for her services, you pay her. Your skill at helping people in business or their personal life is just as valuable, if not more, and it’s worth someone paying you for it.

Your value is what you bring to the table. Somebody among us needs what you have.

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