You’re a multi-passionate, multi-talented Queen. You have a list of passions a mile long and you may be confused about which one you should pursue first. Because of this, you haven’t made a move on any of them. Here’s what you need to know: the longer you sit in inaction, the longer you’ll remain confused, frustrated and unfulfilled. We can’t have that! God created you with a purpose and the sooner you get about the business of figuring out what that is, the sooner you can start living the meaningful, impactful life that you were created to live.

Choosing which passion you should pursue first isn’t easy, so I have developed this plan of action to help you identify which to go after first. Don’t worry, just because you choose one now doesn’t mean you have to forever neglect your other passions. In fact, the sooner you identify and take action on your primary passion, the sooner you can go after those other dreams!

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What to do when you have multiple passions

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