I remember when I first purchased mine, I felt a mix of both fear and excitement. Afraid because I knew it was powerful and I didn’t yet know what I would use it for, yet excited because of all the possibilities that now existed at my fingertips. Today, I believe buying my domain name is one of the most important purchases I’ve ever made. 

Buying my domain name declared first to myself, and then to the world, that I was someone who had something valuable to say.  It gave me a platform, one that I owned, to use my voice and to be seen and heard by people further and wider than currently existed in my little world. 

Using social media to share you message is good, but they are borrowed platforms. Your domain name is yours to use unrestricted, unlimited and unapologetically. Women have built their entire empires with a domain name. 

Since purchasing angelalucas.net, opportunities I couldn’t have expected to share my work with the world have presented themselves – it’s proved to me that there were people in the world who wanted to hear what I had to say. 

You, my Queen, are a powerful woman, and every powerful woman needs a platform. Buying your domain name (YourName.com or SomeVersionOfYourName.com) means you’re not waiting for anyone to give you a platform, you’re doing it without their permission. This is especially important if you work for a company you don’t own. While you’re helping to build someone else’s dream and moving their vision along, you need to make sure you have a space where you’re pouring out your creativity, passion and ideas. You must carve out a space in the world for yourself. 

Buy your children their own domain names too. When each of our kids were born, that’s one of the first things we bought them. It was our way of saying to them that we believe that you are unique and that God gave you something important to say to the world. Don’t be afraid to use your voice and create meaningful work. 

Take action towards building the life you crave. Go buy your domain name and get ready to share your message with the world! 

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