I used to think that the secret to being brave was just to do the thing I was most afraid of doing. In my business, that’s looked like putting my content out into the world and subjecting my work to judgment, criticism, and rejection.

What I’ve learned, though, is that while taking action and doing the thing you’re afraid of doing is right, it’s only half the secret to overcoming your fears and developing courage.

Action + Humility = Courage.

When I take action and put my work into the world without the humility to know that unless God blesses my work, it will not be blessed, I will always look for people to approve my work.

When I lack the humility to know that my work is to be of service and not self-promotion, I will always look to people to approve me.

When I don’t have the humility to understand that true success is doing what God called me to do, regardless of the outcome, I will stress myself out about how many people follow my work.

Humility untethers you from the false belief that you need to be perfect, approved, and liked by everyone in order to be successful and frees you to take action towards your purpose.

That, Queens, is real courage.