You’re ready for a change and to go to the next level. You’re tired of operating in someone else’s boundaries that limit you from maximizing your full potential. You know you were made for more than what you are doing now and you’re ready to step into it. You’re done following and you know this is your moment to lead. In order to step into your greatness and lead, however, you’ve gotta let go of negative toxic energy, especially unforgiveness.

There’s nothing that will stop the flow of your success and leveling up faster than holding onto a grudge. I know how difficult that is to do, when someone has done you wrong, talked about you behind your back, and hates on you for seemingly no reason at all,  it’s natural to want to pay them back, but don’t. Not because they don’t deserve it, they might, but because your purpose is too great to let unforgiveness block you from your destiny. You’ve got dreams to make happen, people to teach, a life you crave to create and you don’t have time to let anything or anyone stop you. 

I had the opportunity for revenge recently. A woman who unjustly slandered my character had applied for a position that I had some decision making power over. She was well qualified for the role, but it would’ve only taken a simple ‘no’ from me, and she would’ve been out. However, I knew that if I did that I would only be blocking myself from future opportunities that will come my way. I knew that whatever we do to other people, whether they deserve it or not, always comes back. So, I decided to keep my karma flowing in the positive direction and gave my blessing. 

Winning happens on a high-frequency, so you have to work to keep yours high. Sometimes this will require you to look past your own desires for retribution. To elevate your level, keep your energy positive, toxic free and let God fight the battles you so desperately want to fight.

You gotta let it go, Queen. Your purpose is too big and your destiny is too great to let them hold you down.


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