You forgot. 

The reason you have a job that is not using even half of what you have to offer is because you forgot. The reason you are working on assignments you have no interest in or passion for is because you forgot. The reason you keep settling for mediocre relationships and half-hearted friendships is because you forgot. You also haven’t started that business because you forgot. You haven’t applied for the position you actually want because you forgot. You haven’t written the book, taught the class, or gone back to school for what you’re actually interested in because you forgot.

You’ve forgotten that you have the power to create the life you crave. We are co-creators with God because we’re made in His image. He creates, therefore, we create. Our thoughts have creative power, our words have creative power and the actions we take (or don’t take) create a result. We are always creating; it is in our design to.

You have the power to create

Up until this point you haven’t been using your power to create the life you crave. Instead,  you’ve been letting your circumstances and your environment create your life, while you’ve been asleep at the wheel. You’ve become a woman who settles for less than she’s worth and you don’t remember, when it counts, the power you have to create that is within you.

It’s okay – I got you, Queen. I’m here to remind you. YOU ARE a powerful woman, uniquely made by God with a gift inside of you that the world needs. YOU ARE valuable, and we need you. We need you to walk in your power and your purpose because God gave you something that he gave no one else. And He gave it to you with the intention that you’d bless & serve the world with it. 

YOU ARE a woman that has the power to design your life the way YOU want it to be. 

Creating a life that has valuable and inspiring relationships, a life of personal abundance and impact happens when you:

  1. Find your purpose and identify your gift and the vision for your life
  2. Write your vision on paper 
  3. Speak life to your vision
  4. Feed and water your vision 
  5. Offer your your gift to the world 

These steps are not complicated, but they’re powerful. And I know they work because they worked for me. I’d like to walk through each of these with you during my Create the Life You Crave Workshop. It’s time to remember the power you have within you to create the life you crave!

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