The world has changed a lot in the past few weeks, and that forces us to make some changes, whether major or minor, in our own personal lives. Of course, we know that the only constant thing in life is change. We are wired to adapt and deal with change as humans and we usually adjust relatively quickly.  So, what’s really the hard part about change then? 

Change often requires difficult decisions to be made, and made quickly. 

We’re now making decisions that we never have thought we’d have to make. Do I look for a new job? Should I go back to school for something else? Do I start a business during this pandemic? Do I shut down the business I already have?

Making hard decisions isn’t easy, especially when they affect more than just ourselves. We all  want to make the right decisions, have good outcomes, and avoid negative consequences of a wrong choice made. However, since we can’t possibly know all the unseen possibilities that could occur, we need to learn to make our decisions confidently and move forward, or stay stuck in dread, uncertainty and frustration. Queens, you know we don’t have time for that. 

Thankfully, there’s a way to become more confident in making your decisions. 

Choose to believe that God is fully behind you and is there to help you make the right and best moves for your life. He wants you to win. And because God is for you winning, it’s going to be really difficult for you to lose. 

Pray: “God, thank you that you always want me to win. Thank you for helping me to clearly see which choice I should make. In Jesus name. Amen.”

In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success. ~Proverbs 3:6

Answer these questions in your journal: 

*If you knew you couldn’t make the wrong choice, which decision would you make? 

*If there would be no negative consequences for your decision what would you choose? 

*If there were no restrictions around your decision (money, time, resources) what decision would you make? 

*If you believed that you would be fully supported in your decision what would you do? 

What are you afraid of if you make that choice? Is it true? 

Follow Peace: God leads with peace. If you have an absence of peace about your decision, that’s a good indicator that something isn’t the right choice for you. Or, it’s not the right time.

Avoid confusing fear with lack of peace. You can be afraid, and underneath that fear is a knowing that even though you’re afraid, you are supposed to make that move anyway.

In your decision making process, always come back to the truth that you are fully capable and fully supported in this life. Whatever decision you make, when you keep God first, He will cause it to work out for your good.